The American Problem and Solution to Oil

Most Americans know that the Middle- East is the largest source for crude oil. What they don’t know is that the U. S. only gets a fraction of their oil from the Saudis and their neighbors. The United States actually gets most of its supply from its northern Cousin, Canada.

At the moment, Canada supplies over 20 percent of the U. S. oil requirement. This relationship has profited these two countries, both in terms of monetary gain and in infrastructure development. With such a valuable commodity flowing across borders, this relationship is certain to improve, with most analysts saying that the current demand will also rise steadily over the next few years.

This prediction seems to go against the more popular notion that the U. S. will shift to renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. Mounting pressure from environmental groups is sure to make the federal government put up more clean energy plants, and decrease the U. S. dependency on oil.

This may sound concerning to the Canadian oil industry, but the truth is that this is only happening at a smaller scale, and a bigger phase out won’t happen for decades to come, with these clean energy alternatives costing more that the conventional oil options. For now, Canada’s oil is the biggest answer to United States’ oil problem.

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